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Instrument Comparison Page
Compare which of the EMFields instruments is likely to suit you best

Compare which instrument suits you best

It's not always easy to work out which of our instruments you need. As our instrument range expands, we thought it would be good to have a checklist so you can easily compare what each instrument does.

(electrical power)
  Acousti- meter
Acom 2
Digital Display yes    
Lights (LEDs) yes yes yes
Sound yes yes  
Mobile phone & TV mast signals yes yes  
Microwave fields (radiofrequency) yes yes  
Electric & magnetic fields     yes
Technical knowledge is NOT required yes yes yes
Available to buy (when in stock) yes yes yes
Frequency range 200-8000 MHz 200-8000 MHz 20-50000 Hz
Sensitivity 0.02 V/m
1 µW/m²
0.01 V/m 0.02 µT
5 V/m
Maximum reading 6 V/m
100 mW/m²
6 V/m 2 µT 20 mG
200 V/m
Peak values yes yes  
Average values yes   yes
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