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Sleeping bags
£255.00 (inc. vat)
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VAT exemption available

Shielded sleeping bags

Alert message Shielded Sleeping Bag refunds

Please note we can only offer refunds for returned unused sleeping bags.

EMFields Shielded Sleeping Bags are made from two of our best screening fabrics (the body part is made from Exel, and the head covering in Voile). This may be an ideal temporary solution when a canopy is not possible. This could be, for example, if you are in rented accommodation, and do not wish to screw a hook into the ceiling, or you are visiting friends or relations who have, or are exposed to sources of RF, or you are going on holiday, or on a business trip and do not know what RF you may have to face there.

They come in one size - 2.5m x 1.1m, and come with a separate washable liner made from 100% cotton. The Shielded Sleeping bag can be washed if needed, but if the cotton inner is kept clean, there's usually no need to wash the bag itself.

Your EMFields shielded sleeping bag comes in a special carry bag, into which it can easily be folded and then conveniently carried. The carry bag is made of standard, non-shielding material and so can be washed whenever necessary without affecting the screening qualities of your shielded sleeping bag.

Materials used in our Shielded Sleeping Bags are: Exel and Voile.

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Exel screening material


Our grey Exel material is made of medium weight, woven polycotton, with added stainless steel fibres for shielding. Exel is very effective across all frequencies tested, but is particularly good at lower RF frequencies such as TETRA and 4G (800 MHz), which are quite hard to screen against. 4G also uses 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz which will be screened by Exel.
It is 1.45m wide, and would be ideal for curtain lining, sheets or clothing.
Exel is made from 36% polyester, 36% cotton, and 28% stainless steel fibre.

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Silver-Tulle screening material


Silver-Tulle is a semi-transparent and very stretchy silver fabric with excellent screening qualities against radio-frequency (RF) and power-frequency radiation (PF) electric fields. It is 1.4m wide, and can be used for curtaining or even clothing. 50dB attenuation at 1 GHz and is similar to way above 6 GHz.

Please note that the remaining stock we have has quite a lot of unavoidable marks that were created by the chemical process of applying the silver. Although not particularly aesthetically attractive, the fabric screens just as well as the non-marked fabric (of which we have none left). Please refer to the image on the right to see the detail. This fabric is not returnable - it has been thoroughly tested and its screening properties are unaffected by the marks which are clearly shown on the picture.

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marks Silver-Tulle screening material

Naturell screening material
£84.00 / m (inc. vat)
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Our Naturell material is made of lightweight, fine woven white cotton, with added protective silver-plated copper thread for shielding. Naturell is an excellent material for reducing high-band WiFi from coming through your windows from neighbours' equipment, as well as mobile phone masts and other sources of outside radiofrequency emissions. It is 2.5 metres wide. It is translucent and allows plenty of light through, whilst restricting visibility from outside. It is ideal for bed canopies, clothing, blinds or curtain lining.

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Silvascreen material
£18.00 / m (inc. vat)
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The main use for our highly effective Silvascreen material is for screening ceilings, walls and floors, though it can also be used for other RF screening purposes, for example under carpets or under a bed mattress and other places where you need good value highly effective screening which is strong and breathable.

It is made from a strong, non-woven, polypropylene substrate with one side aluminium-bonded. Polypropylene is a rot-proof, chemically inert material that is classed as very low risk for any allergic reaction. It is 1.5m wide and is easily Earthed/Grounded.

It is NOT suitable to be made into canopies as it is not a fabric - it is a fairly stiff material that is best used as above.

There is an Earthing/Grounding kit available as an optional extra which must be ordered at the same time as the material as a connector pop-stud is fixed by us to a corner of the material before shipping. The Earthing lead is separate and may be attached or removed from the material at any time.

Read more » View Silvascreen and Earthing/Grounding kit details

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Bed Canopies

As there is so much information needed to pick your ideal canopy, there's a separate page with all the canopy options on it, rather than trying to show everything here on the overview.

Pyramid Box
Pyramid Canopies Box Canopies

Grounding Sheets

Ground Sheet Grounding Sheets-on chair

These earthed sheets are designed to be placed underneath a sheet on a bed, and when earthed, can lower powerfrequency electric fields and drain any charge from your body to ground. It is vitally important to remove any source of mains electricity close to your bed or your electric field exposure will rise. We advise that you should measure the electric fields your body is exposed to when you are lying on the bed - both with and without the sheet being earthed. That will enable you to ensure your electric field exposure is lowered. Please contact <technical(at)emfields-solutions.com> if the electric fields rise when the sheet is Earthed. You can hire the ELF PF4 meter to take the measurements. If used in addition to a canopy, this product is suitable for screening underneath the canopy as the material is also effective at screening RF fields. The canopy and the grounding sheet should be connected together. Body grounding sheets normally cover about a third of the bed as shown in the picture. Most people just want to be earthed, if however you feel you are being zapped from rising pulsed RF fields from below then you might want a large one to cover the whole bed.

All prices include VAT

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VAT exemption available

You can also use the smaller size grounding cloths on a chair to lower electric field exposure whilst working on a computer.

Connect to earth by using the supplied UK plug. The plug is not connected to live or neutral, only the earth, so your electric socket can remain either switched on or off as it makes no difference.


  • Whole Bed Size : 150 x 200 cm
  • King Sized Bed : 100 x 200cm
  • Double Bed Size : 100 x 150cm
  • Single Bed : 75 x 100 cm
  • Computer/Meditation sheet : 75 x 50 cm

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Alert message Shipping information for paint

Due to courier delivery restrictions we can ship Yshield paint within UK & Europe, but not outside Europe.
Alert message Wallpapering over the paint

If you intend to wallpaper over the Yshield screening paint, you must apply a coat of emulsion to seal the screening carbon paint before applying wallpaper paste.
YShield screening paint

RF Screening paint (carbon) - YShield

New & improved formula YShield screening paint stops over 99.9% of incoming radiation across all mobile phone frequencies, TETRA, 2G, 3G, LTE (4G), WiFi and WiMax. The paint is very easy to apply with either brush or roller, is water based and can be used inside the house, on walls, ceilings and floors, or on outside walls. One coat covers about 7 square metres per litre.

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1 Litre container 5 Litre container
£40.84 / container (inc. vat)
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£155.00 / container (inc. vat)
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Solargard window film

Solargard Window Film

Alert message Cutting and boxing charge

All units of window film incur an additional £12.50 cutting and boxing charge (plus VAT).

Radiofrequency fields such as those from mobile phone masts pass straight through window glass. This window film is available for you to install directly with the help of our instructional DVD.

Please note: There is no warranty offered on window film you install yourself or that you buy and have someone else install.

We offer three different sorts of film (the best is at the top of the list; then in descending order of screening effectiveness):

  • Hilite - The most expensive, but extremely transparent and the most effective at shielding, blocking over 99.99% of RF power.
  • Sterling 20 - A considerably darker film, but cheaper and close to the shielding of Hilite. Perfect for use in a bedroom.
  • Sterling 50 - Less effective than the other two films, but the same price as Sterling 20 and lets more light through. Still 99% shielding effectiveness.

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Hilite Sterling 20 Sterling 50
£150.00 / (x5 ft) (inc. vat)
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£42.46 / (x5 ft) (inc. vat)
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£42.46 / (x5 ft) (inc. vat)
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£37.02 (inc. vat)
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VAT exemption available


These headnets can be worn straight over your head, or over a hat (as shown here) to protect your head from microwave exposure. Many people find that wearing the headnet at night improves their quality of sleep dramatically, reducing the number of times they wake during the night.

Do not use shampoos or other hair products containing lauryl sulphate during the time you are using the headnet. The sulphur residues in your hair reduce the screening properties of the headnet and will discolour it. To clean the headnet, wipe down with a damp cloth (do not use any washing product, as using the wrong sort can completely break down the shielding) and line dry it outside to air it.

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Chromax Jacket

Chromax EMF

This clothing is a white mesh material, made from silver plated strands of copper woven into Tergal® polyester. It is washable (by hand or a gentle cycle, low temp in a machine). Chromax EMF clothing can also be hired.

More Info » View details and place order

Electrocloth Tunic

All other materials

As well as the range of Chromax clothing detailed above, Dyane from "Dyane's Stitch In Time" makes clothing from other materials including blouses, jackets, trousers and vests, smocks, etc.

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Alert message Important Information

Most of the screening fabric materials contain fine wires that have the material around them so they are not exposed - i.e. you cannot see them just by looking at the fabric. Our information includes the effectiveness of the different materials and how to adequately look after them. This will help you decide on the best product(s) for your requirements.

All materials can be ordered in increments of 0.1 metres, with a minimum order of 1 metre.
» Why your phone does not test screening performance.
» Material care instructions.
1 V/m remaining single layer screen
» Screening see all the comparison graphs.

Material visibility

The image below shows the amount of light let through when most of our shielding materials are placed against a window. The EXEL looks darker in the image than the material actually is (see the picture of EXEL on the screening page to see the correct colour).

visibilty photossilvascreen photo