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The screening fabric materials all contain fine wires that are conductive which is how they protect you against RF radiation. Before purchasing material, you may want to look at the following information about the effectiveness of the different materials and how to adequately look after them. This will help you decide on the best product for your requirements:

» Screening comparison graphs.
» Why your phone does not test screening performance.
» Material care instructions.

All materials can be ordered in increments of 0.1 metres, with a minimum order of 1 metre.

Exel screening material


Our grey Exel material is made of medium weight, woven polycotton, with added stainless steel fibres for shielding. Exel is very effective across all frequencies tested, but is particularly good at lower RF frequencies such as TETRA and 4G (800 MHz), which are quite hard to screen against. 4G also uses 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz which will be screened by Exel.
It is 1.45m wide, and would be ideal for curtain lining, sheets or clothing.
Exel is made from 36% polyester, 36% cotton, and 28% stainless steel fibre.

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Naturell screening material
£84.00 / m (inc. vat)
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Our Naturell material is made of lightweight, fine woven white cotton, with added protective silver-plated copper thread for shielding. Naturell is an excellent material for reducing high-band WiFi from coming through your windows from neighbours' equipment, as well as mobile phone masts and other sources of outside radiofrequency emissions. It is 2.5 metres wide. It is translucent and allows plenty of light through, whilst restricting visibility from outside. It is ideal for bed canopies, clothing, blinds or curtain lining.

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Silvascreen material
£18.00 / m (inc. vat)
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The main use for our highly effective Silvascreen material is for screening ceilings, walls and floors, though it can also be used for other RF screening purposes, for example under carpets or under a bed mattress and other places where you need good value highly effective screening which is strong and breathable.

It is made from a strong, non-woven, polypropylene substrate with one side aluminium-bonded. Polypropylene is a rot-proof, chemically inert material that is classed as very low risk for any allergic reaction. It is 1.5m wide and is easily Earthed/Grounded.

It is NOT suitable to be made into canopies as it is not a fabric - it is a fairly stiff material that is best used as above.

There is an Earthing/Grounding kit available as an optional extra which must be ordered at the same time as the material as a connector pop-stud is fixed by us to a corner of the material before shipping. The Earthing lead is separate and may be attached or removed from the material at any time.

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Material visibility

The image below shows the amount of light let through when most of our shielding materials are placed against a window. The EXEL looks darker in the image than the material actually is (see the picture of EXEL on the screening page to see the correct colour).

visibilty photossilvascreen photo