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Mobile Phone Accessories and Cordless Phones Overview

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Ideally, we would recommend that you don't use a mobile phone unless you have to, because of the potential long-term serious health risks (including cancers) being reported, following their use. However we are also aware that it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid having a mobile phone. A screened phone pouch and/or Air Tube Hands Free headset can help people who need to use a mobile phone.

We also stock a range of the latest low radiation Siemens Gigaset Eco DECT Plus cordless phones. These are the only modern cordless phones that don't continuously (24/7) irradiate you with microwaves. Note to our overseas customers from Siemens: "Due to telephone line specifications and hardware specifications, a product sold in a specific country is to be used in that country. If the telephone is used anywhere else, we are not able to confirm that the telephone or all the features (if any) will be functioning as it should in its country of origin." Due to this specific advice from Siemens, we are not able to supply phones for use outside of the UK.


Screened Mobile Phone pouches

If you, or somebody you care about has a mobile (cell) phone, then you can still protect yourselves, making your phone use safer. We recommend using a screened pouch. These specialist phone pouches are made from screening fabric, and effectively reflects the signal away from your head whilst you are using the phone.

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Airtube Headset

Airtube Headsets

A standard mobile phone headset (hands free device with wired earpiece) will transmit the signal directly from the phone into your ear, including all harmful EMFs. The two types of Airtube Headsets available from EMFields do not conduct the harmful EMFs into your ear - just the sound from the person at the other end of the phone call. They are compatible with most mobile phones that have a 3.5mm P4 connector.

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Low radiation Siemens Gigaset Eco DECT Plus cordless phones

The Siemens Eco DECT Plus range are the only digital cordless phones now available that do not emit any microwave radiation when not in use for an actual call. They also reduce their power during a call when you are close to the base unit. The Base Units of all other multi-handset DECT phones on the market emit 24/7 even when no call is taking place - even when described by their sellers as "low radiation" or "eco" types. These excellent cordless phones are of very high quality and have many advanced "user functions" built in.

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