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Alert message LED Light solutions

We believe that LED bulbs are now the best low-energy lighting solution. Our LED based lights last longer, have lower running costs, contain no mercury and emit no ultra-violet (UV) light.

Please look at our comparison table comparing the pros and cons of each bulb we stock.

Why LED lights rather than other lights?
LED lights are your best choice for lighting. They are highly efficient and inexpensive to run. They last longer than incandescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, do not emit dangerous UV light and do not contain toxic mercury (which CFLs do). LED lights last considerably longer than incandescent and CFL bulbs.

Are all LED lights the same?
LED bulbs come in a range of brightnesses and colours. Some LED bulbs give off far higher EMFs than others, and are unsuitable for people who are RF-sensitive. We have a range of bulbs, some of which give off little or no RF and are suitable for people with ES, especially when earthed.

LED bulbs seem expensive!
Although the initial cost is quite high, over their working lifetime each bulb will save a lot of money at current electricity prices. Over their long lifetime they maintain their brightness well and their high efficiency means the electricity will typically only cost about 15% of the amount using incandescent light bulbs.

EMF-4W Bulbs

LED bulbs

We stock a variety of LED bulbs in different fittings, brightnesses and colours.

All of the bulbs have been tested for EMF emissions.
Our comparison table may help you decide which LED bulb would be most suitable for you.